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July 22nd, 2013

ASEI won 10 awards in the Indonesia Insurance Award 2013

Jakarta, Thursday, July 18, 2013

The annual event, “Indonesia Insurance Award (IIA) in 2013, themed “Indonesia Insurance Sustainable Toward Regional Challenges ” and was held on July 18, 2013. The event was held at the Financial Hall Ballroom, Graha CIMB Niaga, Jakarta.

About 28 insurance companies in Indonesia earned a number of awards in eight categories, determined by the committee. Among others, the categories included Corporate Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance, Good Corporate Governance, Human Capital, Information Technology, Marketing, and Risk Management.

These awards, considered prestigious in the insurance industry in Indonesia, were awarded through a very rigorous process. The judging process began in mid-June 2013 until July 2013 and was done not only through data analysis but also via an interview at the event for all participants in IIA 2013.

The organizers were grateful that the event went smoothly and the participants followed the whole series of assessments with great enthusiasm. This was characterized by the presence of the entire leadership of the company when the judging took place.

A total of 200 insurance companies had previously registered to enter IIA 2013, but the selection committee only chose 50 participants who met the administrative requirements and provisions of the event.

After selecting, assessing, and determining the best companies, 28 insurance companies were awarded titles in their respective categories. The participants were divided into categories of SOEs, which were also subdivided into Insurance, Insurance Issuers and Non-Issuers Insurance with assets of Rp 50 billion to Rp 1 trillion.


ASEI awards received:

  • Mr. Zaafril Razief Amir, the CEO, was awarded The Most “Quick Minded” Insurance CEO for a State-Owned General Insurance Company with Assets greater than Rp. 200 Billion
  • ASEI received title of The Best State Owned General Insurance Company with Assets greater than Rp. 200 Billion
  • ASEI also won the top awards for Good Corporate Governance, Corporate Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Capital, Information Technology
  • ASEI won 2nd prize for Risk Management, Finance, and Marketing

Economic Review Magazine Founder, and CEO of Group Hj, Irlisa Rachmadiana SSN RA, MM, explained that IIA 2013 aimed to show appreciation for the company that had demonstrated the best performance within the country and also at a regional level, quoted:

“Indonesian insurance companies are expected to be masters in their own country as well as prove their performance regionally.”

On this occasion, ASEI Insurance was again one of the best in all categories included in the judging process.

The Award Presentation ceremony was held on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at the Financial Club Jakarta Graha Niaga CIMB.

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