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Asuransi Asei Ready to Face Increasingly Complex Future Challenges


Media Asuransi – Many parties gave a positive response to the new name, PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia after the company changed its name from PT Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (Persero) and PT Reasuransi Indonesia Utama (Persero). With the new name and logo, the shareholders expect that this insurance company which has had a considerable experience and competence in the field of insurance and guarantee, will be more dynamic in its performance and able to face the increasingly complex future challenges.

This is also in line with Asuransi Asei’s vision of becoming a leading and trusted financial insurance company in Indonesia through technology-based integrated services. At the same time, it tries to penetrate the insurance market to become an insurance company of the same position to other major insurance companies to ‘compete’ at the national level. This effort serves as a leap for Asuransi Asei to move forward with the focus on customer satisfaction through innovative products and services as well as solid teamwork.
Director of Asuransi Asei, Yunisyaaf Y Arief revealed many aspects that can be improved by Asuransi Asei to be able to reach the insurance market that is still widely open. “However, to be able to control the market, we cannot just sit in the office approaching customers via phone or email only. Face-to-face meetings with clients remain necessary and important. We cannot entirely rely on digital techniques as a means of selling in the insurance financial industry for digital techniques only serve as a supporting means. Financial transaction is very complicated”, said the man who is usually called Johnny.
Along with the start of the application of financial insurance in Asei, Johnny said that his strategy is somewhat different from the previous one. The previous strategy was rather a passive marketing strategy, while now it must be active marketing. Asuransi Asei has many products that can be offered to clients. He further described that in Asei’s development, Asei does not have to serve wholesale products only but it can also serve retail products. For example, for shipment of imported and exported goods, the products to be insured do not have to be wholesale products in large quantities shipped with many containers; instead, the products to be insured can also be the retail ones, for retail products are more in quantity and small players when combined can somehow compete over the wholesalers. “In short, any products in the export and import industry from A to Z can all be insured. In this case Asei can take the opportunity as there are still many businesses that have not been insured, not to mention the customized products,” said the man who was born in Jakarta 56 years ago.
This man who joined Asuransi Asei last November explains that the financial insurance is different from general insurance as it is more consultative in nature and the scope is broader. Financial insurance will be more in contact with the bank, but it is not solely with the bank. As an insurance company categorized as financial insurance, there are three types of insurance covered by Asei namely guarantee insurance, import and export insurance, and credit insurance. Of these three categories, the ones that have been running are guarantee insurance and credit insurance. “Currently, we are approaching banks to expand our cooperation and create synergies that can be realized if both institutions and the people within the two institutions have known each other well,” he added.
Having been in the marketing industry for decades, Johnny also reminds us not to work alone without involving clients for example when formulating a product. Client involvement is needed so that the product to be made can be directly acceptable. “Therefore, we have to go and meet the customers to know what they want, and we cannot just wait for the costumers to come. This is what so called costumer-oriented approach in that we actively come to clients. As long as the core or the life of the product does not change, the relevant regulation of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) will not change either. We only do customization,” he explained.
The man who started his career in the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, earned his Bachelor’s degree from Universitas Nasional, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He then continued his education at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Science majoring in Engineering of Biotechnology, and then pursued his Research Program for PhD in Biotechnology at the University of New South Wales, Sidney, Australia. In addition, he obtained his Doctoral degree in Business Administration at Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung. Asei with the new name continues to perform better. Amidst the slowdown of Indonesia’s economy and the current global insurance condition, Asuransi Asei is able to grow and achieved the target as planned by the company.


By the end of 2017, Asei is expected to reach the revenue of up to Rp1 trillion. Asuransi Asei also improves its customer service and provides an easy access to information for customers. Asuransi Asei will be closer to its customers to create a mutually beneficial relationship. (Media Asuransi/316)