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Domestic Credit Insurance (DCI)

Type of insurance provides compensation to the Insured (seller) of the risk of loss due to partial or total non-receipt of payment from domestic buyers caused by commercial risk.


Benefits :
  • Increase Sales, increase the competitiveness of sellers / sellers because they can provide more attractive offers to buyers / buyers because of the sense of security from the seller of the transactions made.
  • Providing protection against the possibility of default (Stabilization of the seller’s financial condition) Failure of payment (in part or in whole) from the buyer / buyer is a risk that cannot be avoided by the seller / seller. With insurance, the risk will shift to Asei Insurance so that the insured / seller avoids financial loss / disruption.
  • Improve Credit Management, maintain vigilance of credit managers. They know that if they do not follow the procedure correctly, their credit will be in danger.
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