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Division Head Profile

Tauchid Pradana – Corporate Secretary

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Graduated from Trisakti University Faculty of Economics in 1992. CRGP certification holders, before joining Asei, he worked at PT. Philips Ralin Electronic Jakarta. Started joining asei in 1993 as a Business Information Service, Directorate of Export Insurance, served as Head of Asei Balikpapan Branch, Head of Asei Tangerang Branch and Head of Asei Jakarta 3 Branch, Head of Suretyship Division, Head of Credit Insurance & Guarantee Division, Head of Business Development & Marketing Distribution Division, Head of Risk Management Division & Compliance, Marketing Division Head and currently serves as Corporate Secretary.


Agung Budi Setiawan – Act. HR & General Division Head

Born in Padang, Indonesia, he graduated from Civil Engineering UNPAR and MM Technology ITB. Before joining PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia in 2001, he worked at Bank Danamon Indonesia and Bank BRI. The position has been occupied by the Head of Subrogation Division, Head of Export Insurance, Head of Credit Insurance Underwriting Division, Head of Export Insurance Marketing, Jakarta Main Deputy Head, Head of Suretyship Division, Head of Claims & Subrogation Division, and Head of Business Planning & Development Division, Corporate Secretary, Jakarta 3 Head Office, Jakarta Main Head Office, Head of Billing Division and Head of Credit Insurance & Guarantee Division. CRMO, CRMP and ANZIIF CIP certification holders. Currently, he serves as Acting Head of the Human Resources and General Division of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia.

Indah Kartika Sari – Chief Internal Audit

Born in Tanjung Karang, Indonesia, she graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, at Gadjah Mada University with and Master’s Degree in Professional Psychology, from the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Gadjah Mada University. Joined Asei on May 26, 2011, at the Head Office as a Staff in the HR Department. She has served as Head of Human Resources Development, Head of HR & General Affairs, Head of Risk Management, Business Portfolio and Corporate Compliance and Head of Internal Control Unit.

Currently, she serves as Chief Internal Auditor of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia.

Siti Mulyanti – Risk Management & Compliance Division Head

Born in Bandung, Indonesia, graduated from Gunadarma University majoring in Information Management. Before joining Asei, she worked at PT Indomobil Sukses International Tbk and PT Indo-Eds Daya. she joined Asei in 2008 in the Information Technology Department. Several positions she has held include Head of Software Division, Head of Accounting Division, Head of Information Technology Division, Head of Accounting and IT Division, and Head of HR and IT Division, Risk Management, Compliance & IT Division Head. She currently holds the position of Risk Management & Compliance Division Head.

Emir Izad – Finance & Accounting Division Head

Born in Medan, Indonesia, graduated from the Faculty of Economics, the University of North Sumatra majoring in Accounting in 1995. Joined Asei in 2001 at the Medan Branch Office as Administrative & Finance Staff. He has served as Head of the Administration & Finance Section, Head of the CRM Section, and Head of the Engineering & Marketing Section at the Medan Branch Office. He also served as Head of the Accounting Division, and in 2012 was appointed as Head of the Finance & Accounting Division. In 2014 he also briefly joined the Formation Team of Indonesia Re (Reinsurance Indonesia Utama) and served as Head of the Human Resources & General Division. He currently holds the position of Finance & Accounting Division Head.

Edi Apriansah – Act. SBU Trade Credit Insurance Division Head

Born in Pagaralam, South Sumatra, Indonesia, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at ITN Malang. Has experience working in Business Banking at PT Bank Niaga, Tbk in 2003. Joined Asei in 2009 and has served as Head of Strategy and Development of Credit Insurance Products at the Head Office, Head of Corporate Marketing Division, Head of Semarang Branch, Head of Jakarta 4 Branch, Head of Bandung Branch, Head of KCU Jakarta Branch, Head of Tangerang Branch, Head of Head Office Corporate Marketing, Marketing Division Head. Currently, he serves as Act SBU Trade Credit Division Head.

Eko Sulistyo Raharjo – Act. Underwriting Division Head

Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics at Airlangga University, Surabaya, and a Master’s Degree in Management at the State University of Jakarta. Has experience working at PT Asuransi Bumiputeramuda 1967 in 2005 – 2008. Joined Asei in 2008 and served as Head of Reinsurance, Claims & Suretyship Subrogation, Head of Oil and Gas Division, Head of Incoming Reinsurance Section, Head of Reinsurance Claims and Reporting Section, Head of Reinsurance and Statistics Division and Head of Underwriting Property & Engineering, Trade & Commercial Insurance Division Head. Some of the certifications currently held include AAIK (Indonesian Loss Insurance Expert), ICBU (Indonesia Certified Bonding Underwriter), ICPU (Indonesia Certified Property Underwriter), ANZIIF (Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance), and CRMP (Certified Professional Risk Management). He currently serves as Act Underwriting Division Head.

Sulistyo Adi Prayitno – Act. Marketing Division Head

Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and Development Studies, from the University of Surabaya, in 1998. He has held several positions including the Head of Makassar Branch, Head of Surabaya Branch, Head of Malang Branch, Head of Jakarta 3 Branch, and Head of Division Risk Monitoring Head of UW KC Jakarta Section, Credit Insurance & Guarantee Division Head. He currently holds the position of Act Marketing Division Head.

Masnani Siahaan – Claims, Subrogation & Reinsurance Division Head

Born in Pematang Siantar, Indonesia, is a graduate of the S1 Faculty of Agriculture, University of North Sumatra and a Master’s Degree in Management from UKRIDA. Several positions she has held include Head of Underwriting Oil and Gas Head Office, Head of Engineering KC Jakarta 2, Head of Engineering KC Jkt 4 and Head of General Insurance Claims Section, Claims & Subrogation Division Head. She has professional degrees namely Indonesian Insurance Expert in the field of loss (AAIK), ANZIIF (Assoc) and CIP. She currently holds the position of Claims, Subrogation & Reinsurance Division Head.


Wahyudin Rahman – Head of Syariah Unit

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, completed school at SMU Negeri 60 Jakarta majoring in science, continued his Diploma at the Management Institute FEB UI in 2003 and the Institute of Risk Management and Insurance in 2006 as well as a master’s degree in Middle East and Islamic Studies – Islamic Economics Postgraduate at the University of Indonesia in 2019 Currently, he is the holder of an Assessor certification at the Sharia Insurance Professional Certification Agency (LSP PS) issued by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). He has been in the Islamic Student Association (HMI), a Member of the Engineering & Micro Sector of the Indonesian Sharia Insurance Association (AASI), a Member of the Research & Development Division of the Islamic Insurance Society (IIS) and is currently the Chair of the IIS Training and Certification Division for the 2020-2023 Period. Having a career in the Insurance Industry since 2005 joining PT Tugu Pratama Indonesia as an Account Officer and then in 2010 joining the Sharia Division of PT. Asuransi Adira Dinamika as Sharia Account Manager and in 2012 continued to PT. Asuransi Export Indonesia-Persero and since 2017 until now has been assigned as the Sharia Group Head of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia (a subsidiary of PT. Asuransi Export Indonesia-Persero formerly PT Reasuransi Indonesia Utama – Persero).

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