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Head of Division and Head of Unit

Tranggana Nadir
Corporate Secretary

Tranggana Nadir was born in Bandar Lampung and is a graduate of the Business Law Department, Faculty of Law of Universitas Lampung. He joined Asuransi Asei since 2001 and earned a title of Advocate from PERADI in 2011. He had served as Head of Legal Department, Head of Planning and Development Division, Head of HR, and Head of Corporate Development Division. He currently serves as Head of Corporate Secretary since the beginning of January 2017. He had also joined the Formation team of Indonesia Re (Reasuransi Indonesia Utama) in 2014-2016.


Rahmi Kurniati
Head of Collection Division

Rahmi Kurniati was born in Jakarta, on 30 September 1969, and is a graduate of Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, majoring in accounting. Before joining Asuransi Asei, she was an accounting staff in PT Squibb Indonesia in 1991, and a junior accountant in TSP & Associate in 1992. She joined Asuransi Asei in June 1993 in Small Business and Cooperatives Development Division. She then served as Head of Internal Audit Division in the Head Office in 2008, Head of Credit Insurance Underwriting in 2008, and Head of Credit Insurance Technical and Marketing Division in Jakarta Branch Office for 2 years as of 2010, Head of Audit Division, and Head of Analysis and Reporting in the Head Office in 2014. In addition to above positions, she also served as Acting Head of Finance and Accounting Division in the Head Office in 2015. After as a Head of Internal Audit Division, she has served as Head of Human Resources Division and serves as the Head of Risk Management Division. Currently serves ad Head of Collection Division.


Agus Triyogo
Head of Internal Audit

Agus Triyogo was born in Padang, on 11 August 1965, and is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of Universitas Negeri Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto in 1988. Prior to joining PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia, he worked at PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) and Bank Indonesia, Jakarta. He joined Asuransi Asei in 2001 in General Affairs & Human Resources Division, and he subsequently promoted to Head of Human Resources in the Head Office in 2003. In addition, he had also held the following offices: as Head of Corporate Marketing in 2004, Head of Planning and Development in 2006-2008, Deputy to Head of Jakarta Branch from 2008 to 2011, Head of General Affairs in 2011, Head of Employee Development in 2013, Head of Branch Office Development in 2014, as well as Head of Branch Office Supervisory and Development in 2014. He previously served as Acting Head of Human Resources and General Affairs Division, and currently serves as the Head of Internal Audit Division.


Marah Kerma M. Manurung
Head of Trade Insurance Division

Marah Kerma M. Manurung started off his career in the insurance industry by joining Asuransi Central Asia in 1996 and serving in Reinsurance Division. Before continuing his career with Asuransi Samsung Tugu in early 2000, he had had been working in Reinsurance Brokers, Vitasia Ltd HK for 1.5 years. He continued his career in insurance with Asuransi Asei from the mid of 2002 and was placed in Reinsurance Division before he was finally elected by the management as Asei’s contact to the Berne Union (BU), an international association of export insurance companies from 2004 to 2008. This alumnus of Faculty of Social and Political Science of Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, has been appointed as Reinsurance, Claims and Subrogation Manager in the Suretyship Division for the period of 5 years, before he finally completed his term of office in Asei Bandung Branch Office for six (6) months, from April to September 2013.

After his return to the Head Office, this man who was born in Tarutung, North Sumatra was appointed as Marketing Manager in General Insurance Division until the end of 2013. Having assumed the position of Treaty Manager in Reinsurance Division beginning in January 2014, the man who is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Management in a university in Jakarta was appointed by the management as Head of Reinsurance Division in early 2015 while completing his Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Program (ANZIIF) at the senior level.


Joni Junarto
Head of Risk Management Division

Born  in  Bandung  on  June  14,  1965,  he  graduated from  the Faculty  of  Economics  of  Andalas  University, Padang.  His  career at  PT  Asuransi  Asei  Indonesia  started  in  Head  Office’s  Other Businesses Division in 1992. He is well-experienced in operational and  supporting  fields  and  was  assigned  to several  positions such  as  Head  of  Investment  Department,  Head  of  Subrogation Department,  Head  of  Pekanbaru  Branch  Office,  Head  of  Medan Branch,  Head  of  Export  Insurance Department,  Head  of  Jakarta Branch 2, Head of Export and Credit Insurance Division, Head of Jakarta  Branch,  Head  of  Human  Resources  Division  and  Head of  Tangerang  Branch and serves  as  the  Head  of  Credit Insurance and Suretyship Division. Currently he serves as Head of Risk Management Division.


Darojat Yogi Chandra
Head of General Insurance Division

Darojat Yogi C. was born in Purbalingga, on 6 January 1979. He graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Asuransi (STMA) of Universitas Trisakti in 2011. He joined PT Asuransi Asei in 2003 and began his career in Marine Underwriting Division and was assigned in Technical and Marketing Unit in Surabaya and Bandung Branch Offices. He previously served as Head of Suretyship Underwriting Division, Head of Sharia Unit and currently serves as the Head of General Insurance Division.


Wahyudin Rahman
Head of Sharia Unit

Was born in Jakarta on October 1985. He graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Risiko dan Asuransi pada in 2008. He joined PT Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (Persero) in 2012 and began his career as Head of Sharia Marketing. He is an AAIK candidate of AAMAI in 2017, and have AIIS dan QIP certificate.



Agung Budi Setiawan
Head of Credit Insurance & Suretyship Division

Born in Padang on January 30, 1972, a graduate of Civil Engineering degree from University of Parahyangan Bandung
and has an MBA degree from Bandung Institute of Technology.Prior to joining PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia, he worked at Bank Danamon Indonesia and Bank BRI (Persero). Joined PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia in 2001. His previous jobs include Head of Export Insurance Division, Head of Underwriting Credit Insurance, Head of Export Insurance Marketing, Deputy Head of Jakarta Branch, Head of Survey Division, Head of Claim & Subrogation Division, Head of Business Planning & Development Division, Head of Corporate Secretary, Head of Jakarta Branch 3 and Head of Jakarta Branch, and the Head of the Collection Division. Currently he serves as Head of Credit Insurance & Suretyship.


Seskohadi Adhiekusumo
Head of Information Technology Division

Seskohadi was born in Bandung, on 9 July 1965. He graduated from Universitas Pancasila in 1988. He joined Asuransi Asei since 1992 as Export Credit Marketer. In 1997, He had served as Branch Manager, and then as Credit Guarantee Manager, Head of Division General Insurance, Head of Marketing Division, Head of Suretyship Division, Head of Internal Auditor, Head of Technology Information Division, Head of Main Branch Office, Head of Risk Management Division, Head of Planning and Development Division, Head of Claims and Reinsurance Division and until 2017 he was appointed as Head of Collection Division.


Emir Izad
Head of GA & Human Resources Division

Emir Izad was born in Medan in 1977, and graduated from the Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Sumatera Utara in 1995. He joined Asuransi Asei in 2001 in Medan Branch Office as Administration and Finance staff. Since the end of 2008 until March 2011 he served as Head of Administration & Finance, Head of CRM & Head of Technical & Marketing Division in Medan Branch Office. In 2012 he was appointed as Head of Accounting Division in the Head Office, and then in November 2013 he was elected as Head of Finance & Accounting Division. Currently he serves as Head of Accounting Division as of the beginning of January 2017. In addition to the above positions, previously, in 2014, he joined the Formation Team of Indonesia Re (PT Reasuransi Indonesia Utama) and held the position of Head of Accounting & Business Partnership Division. Currently he serves as the Head of GA & Human Resources Division.


Musa Harun Taufik
Head of Investment & Finance

Musa Harun Taufik has worked with PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia since May 2001. Prior to joining Asei, this man whose nickname is Musa, served as General Manager at Megapolitan Group for manufacturing industry, and as a Sales and Marketing Manager in Indonesian Trade and Distribution Center (ITDC) BV, Rotterdam Netherlands. This man of two children was born in Yogyakarta. He is a graduate of Faculty of Economics and Management of Universitas Islam Indonesia in Yogyakarta, and holds an MBA from the United States International University, San Diego, California, USA. He previously served in various positions including as Head of Credit Insurance Division in Head Office, Head of Jakarta II Branch Office, Head of Jakarta Main Branch Office, Head of Bandung Branch Office, Head of Credit Insurance Division, and Head of Marketing and Business Development Division. Since January 2015 to this present of time, he has been assuming office as Head of Investment & Finance Division.