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Domestic Credit Insurance Financing (DCIF)

DCI Financing is Asei Re’s coverage to a Bank against commercial risk, particularly in a domestic bill takeover transaction for any customer to which domestic transaction bill limit has been granted.

The insured object is sales bill derived from domestic buyer which condition of payment is under certain term.

The risks insured under commercial risk are as follows:

  • Insolvency
  • Default i.e. failure of payment from the Buyer (through seller’s account) at the Bank on the due date or such failure of payment is not caused by Seller’s fault

Local sales transactions eligible for financing are :

  • Transaction between Seller and Buyer has been made for a minimum period of 1 year and free from default
  • The customer is domiciled in Indonesia and has owned business license and other documents in accordance with the prevailing regulations.
  • The bill is enclosed with Invoice or Accepted Invoice.
  • During the financing term, the items shall have been shipped within a period of less than 6 weeks.
  • Bill is derived not from the export of services, intermediary trading, and consigned goods.
  • Buyer is a bona fide company according to the assessment of the Insured and Insurer.
  • Tenor of the bill is 180 days at the maximum from the B/L date.
  • Bill’s value shall be covered in invoice.
  • Currencies in negotiation are IDR and USD or those that are stated in the Insurance Limit Decision (KLP)


If a loss occurs due to one of commercial risks as mentioned above, Asei Re will indemnify at the maximum of 85% from the loss (interest and fine excluded).

Terms of payment and tenor of payment

This DCI Financing Policy is designed in such way to protect the bank to be able to meet customer demand using terms of payment other than (non) L/C with maximum tenor of payment within 180 days after the B/L (shipment) date.