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Asuransi Pembiayaan Tagihan Ekspor/Export Bill Insurance (EBI)

Insurance that provides protection (protection) to banks that take over (negotiation) export bills of customers / debtors / exporters against defaults from foreign buyers (Importers) caused by commercial risk and / or political risk. This insurance is provided to guarantee the negotiation of Export Bills for Export Bills on the basis of Usance LC from Issuing Bank, Document Against Acceptance (DA), or Documents Against Acceptance (DP).
  • Risks Covered: Commercial risks (prohibition of foreign exchange transfers, restrictions on import quotas, revocation of import business licenses, war or other acts of hostility in importing countries) and political risks (bankrupt importers, bankrupt importers / breach of contract / default, importers refuse to accept goods) .
  • Insurance Coverage: As much as 85% of the losses suffered by the Bank due to the disbursement of the export draft financing facility to the Customer / Debtor / Exporter that has been given an insurance coverage limit by Asei Insurance
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