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Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance is a set of mechanisms or systems that direct and control the company to meet the expectations of its stakeholders by basing on the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as a basis for improving the company’s performance. By continuously updating all GCG devices.

This mechanism or system affects the determination and achievement of corporate objectives, monitoring and business risk assessment, maximizing performance improvement efforts and establishing and developing work culture within the company environment.

For Asuransi Asei, the implementation of good corporate governance is not just an obligation, but it is a necessity to maintain transparency and accountability of corporate management to the public. GCG development aligns with best practices on an ongoing basis to encourage:


  • Creating value through entrepreneurial attitudes and behavior.Providing high-value, innovative, friendly, efficient and effective service.
  • Conducting research / research and development appropriate.
  • Provide a control system that can ensure accountability commensurate with business risks encountered.
  • Create a healthy competitive climate.
  • Maintain the company’s business continuity.
  • Provide adequate protection and fair treatment to Shareholders, managers and other stakeholders, by increasing shareholder value, to the fullest.
  • To contribute maximally to the improvement of insurance services / guarantee that is managed.
  • Improve and maintain corporate image through excellent service in the field of insurance.
  • Maintain the source of funds owned and used for the business enterprise. Given the commitment and compliance to the implementation of good corporate governance, it is expected to ensure long-term sustainable growth and will ultimately increase the confidence of shareholders and other stakeholders towards the company.

The implementation of GCG implementation until 2013 which has been done by the company, among others are:
1) Having a GCG Implementation Guide Manual, as follows:

  1. Good Code of Good Corporate Governance (CGCG)
  2. Code of Conduct (COC)
  3. BOC (Board of Commissioners) Manual
  4. BOD (Board of Directors) Manual
  5. Introduction Guidelines for the Board of Commissioners
  6. Introductory Guidelines for the Board of Directors

These guidelines have been carried out by the latest improvements in 2013 according to SKD. 28/0119 / SKD.KN / HKM dated December 31, 2013 regarding Good Corporate Governance Code (GCG) Toolkit.

2) Assessment of GCG Implementation

Assessment of GCG implementation becomes highly relevant to get an overview of the conditions of GCG implementation in the face of its best practices, in addition to identifying areas that require improvement (areas of improvement).

Assessment is undertaken by assessing several factors that serve as a benchmark in the implementation of GCG such as Rights and Responsibilities of Shareholders, Rights and Responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors, Good Corporate Governance Policy, Disclosure of Information, Audit Function and Completeness of Committees.

3) Asuransi Asei has conducted GCG Assessment by BPKP Team in 2013 with the following values:

Asuransi Asei has a Whistleblowing System which is implemented and monitored and followed up by the Monitoring Committee on Enforcement of the Code of Conduct (KP5) and SPI.
Conducting Meetings between Board of Commissioners with Directors and Corporate Secretaries at least once a month.
Perform consistent annual dividends to shareholders in accordance with shareholder provisions.
Transforming, promoting and transferring employee duties refers to “The right man in the right place and the right time” both at Headquarters and Branches for optimal effectiveness and efficiency.
Continuous adjustment of clear and transparent Standard Operating Procedures for both operational, supporting and Human Resources fields.
Adjusts the Minimum Solvency Level Limit calculation for the company in accordance with the applicable provisions.
Giving rewards / bonuses to employees in accordance with the quantity and quality of each contribution to the company as reflected in the achievement of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
Implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in the form of partnership program in the form of assistance to the assisted partners and the Community Development program in the form of natural disaster relief aid, education aid, development assistance for worship place and orphanage aid as well as blood donation.
Strive for quality management service that meets international standard (ISO) by applying quality management system with version that is used is ISO 9001: 2008 which includes Quality Management System, Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product Realization, Measurements, Analysis and Improvement.

This certification scope is applied to Export Insurance, Credit Insurance, Custom Bond and General Insurance.

4) In accordance with the procedure of ISO 9001: 2008 Management Representative of Customer Satisfaction Survey (SKP) conducted at least once in 2 (two) years. The latest SKP has been implemented in 2013 with the results discussed separately on the Customer Satisfaction Survey item.

5) Asuransi Asei has enrolled in a clean SOE and is committed to realizing a company that is free from KKN, fraud and gratification.


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