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Export Credit Insurance (ECI)

Insurance that provides protection to the Insured (Exporter) for the risk of not receiving some or all of the full export bills from the Importer due to commercial or political risks.

  • Providing a feeling of security to exporters in facing their export risks and increasing the courage to penetrate new export markets at very low premium costs.
  • Exporters can offer or fulfill the wishes of importers to use terms of payment with soft payment terms (non-L / C but have a relatively higher risk of default payment such as Documents Against Acceptance, Documents Against Payment and Open Account (O / A), this risk can be counted on Asei Insurance.
  • Exporters can meet market demand from importers, especially those in non-traditional markets.
  • Exporters can use Export Insurance in order to obtain post-shipment export financing financing financing where Export Insurance is an additional guarantee to the bank


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