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In every business there are risks that can disrupt the process of achieving company goals. Changes that occur in the external and internal environment of the business have the potential for risk so that companies need to manage these risks systematically and structured in order to ensure the achievement of both short and long-term corporate goals. Effective risk management can help the company maintain its performance by minimizing the cost of risk.

Risk management in the Asuransi Asei Company’s environment aims to raise awareness of risk-bearing in the Asuransi Asei environment and hence every individual, working group, business unit (branch office and marketing office) or head office work unit must be able to manage risk on every activity it performs, Or reduce the potential impact and frequency of possible harmful events.

As a form of risk mitigation in risk management, Asuransi Asei continuously monitors the acceptance process of insurance and guarantee business by establishing the CRM – Compliance and Risk Monitoring Unit.

Asuransi Asei has also set up a Risk Management Manual that aims to build infrastructure, systems and methods of risk management in the corporate environment so that risk management can take place in a structured, systematic, transparent and controlled manner. 

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