Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Achmad Sudiyar Dalimunthe

Achmad Sudiyar Dalimunthe President Director

Born in Probolinggo 1973. Completing his bachelor degree at Brawijaya University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Gajah Mada University. Before joining Asei, he had a career in the insurance industry as Division Head of Technical at PT Asuransi Umum Bumiputera Muda 1967 and PT Asuransi Jasa Tania, Tbk, Operational Director of PT Sarana Lindung Upaya, Technical Advisor at PT Asuransi Binagriya Upakara, and President Director of PT Resuransi Nasional Indonesia.  His activities in insurance organizations that he had been through was being the Executive Director of the Indonesian General Insurance Association and the Indonesian Insurance Council, as well as Vice Chairman of AAUI for the Field of Information and Applied Technology. In the field of education, he is also a Lecturer at the Trisakti Insurance Management College until now. Some certifications he owns are AAIK, AIIS, AAK and AMRP. Currently he serves as the President Director of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia.

David Sy Human Resources & Risk Management Director

Born in Lintau, West Sumatra in 1965. Completing his Bachelor degree at Andalas University Padang in 1990 and Master’s Degree in Management at PPM Jakarta Management College in 2001. He began his career at PT Reasuransi Internasional Indonesia by holding several positions including as Department Head of Technical Accounting, Head of Financial Accounting, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Sharia Accounting & Finance, Head of Investment & Finance, Head of Debts and Receivables Settlement and Head of Finance Division. He holds the professional titles of Investment Manager Representative (WMI) and Chartered Accountant (CA). Starting on July, 1 2019 he was appointed as Director of Finance and Human Resources of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia.

David Sy
Agus Sulih Purwanto

Agus Sulih Purwanto Operational & Business Development Director

Born in Trenggalek on August 20, 1979, he graduated from University of Indonesia with a Masters in Strategic Management program in 2021. Worked in general insurance industry in Indonesia for approximately the last 20 (twenty) years, and started his career in the general insurance industry through the PT Management Trainee Program Bumiputeramuda General Insurance has been in business since 2004. After being appointed as an employee, he continued his career and served as Head of Marketing Section, then as Branch Head in various branch classes from 2005 to 2014. He served as Deputy Director of Sales & Distribution and previously served as Regional Head in various regions in the period 2014–2018 at the same company. Previously, he served as Head of Distribution, concurrently as Head of Retail Business, and also as Head of Sharia. Previously, for nine (nine) years, he worked at PT. Mandiri AXA General Insurance, which has changed its name to PT AXA Insurance Indonesia. October 2023, he has served as Senior Executive Vice President at PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia. Currently he serves as Operational & Business Development Director.