Corporate Governance

A good corporate governance is a series of mechanisms or systems that direct and control the company to be in accordance with the expectations of stakeholders (stakeholders) based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as a basis for improving company performance. With the update of all GCG devices continuously.

While maintaining transparency and management accountability

This mechanism or system affects the determination and achievement of company goals, monitoring and assessing business risk, maximizing efforts to improve performance and formation and development of work culture in the company’s environment.

For ASEI Insurance, the application of good corporate governance is not just an obligation, but it is a necessity to maintain the transparency and accountability of company management to the public. The development of GCG is in harmony with best practices that are carried out on an ongoing basis to encourage:

  • Creating Values Through Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Behavior.
  • Providing services that are of high value, innovative, friendly, efficient and effective.
  • Conduct appropriate research/research and development.
  • Provides a control system that can guarantee accountability that is commensurate with the business risk encountered.
  • Creating a healthy competition climate.
  • Maintaining the continuity of the company’s business.
  • Providing adequate protection and fair treatment to shareholders, managers, and other stakeholders, through increasing the value of shareholders (shareholder value), to the maximum.
  • Provide maximum contribution to improving managed insurance/guarantee services.
  • Improve and maintain the company’s image through excellent service in the field of insurance.
  • Maintaining the source of funds owned and used for the company’s business. With commitment and compliance with the application of good corporate governance is expected to guarantee long -term long -term growth and will ultimately be able to increase the confidence of shareholders and other stakeholders towards the company.

Form of implementation / implementation of GCG until 2013 that has been carried out by the company


  • Has the GCG Application Guidelines as follows:
    • Good Corporate Governance Guidelines (Code of Good Corporate Governance/CGCG)
    • Code of Conduct/CoC)
    • BOC (Board of Commissioners) Manual
    • BOD (Board of Directors) Manual
    • Guidelines for Introduction for the Board of Commissioners
    • Guidelines for Introduction for the Board of Directors

    These guidelines have been made the latest improvement in 2013 according to SKD No. 28/0119/SKD.KN/HKM dated December 31, 2013 regarding Good Corporate Governance Guidelines (GCG).

  • Assessment to the Application of GCG

    Assessment of the application of GCG is very relevant to obtain an overview of the conditions of applying GCG is faced with its best practices, in addition to identifying fields that require improvement (area of improvement).

    Assessment is carried out by assessing several factors that become a benchmark in the implementation of GCG such as the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, rights and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and Directors, Good Corporate Governance Policy, Information Disclosure, Audit Function and Completeness of Committees.

  • ASEI Insurance has carried out GCG assessment by the 2013 BPKP team with the following values:
    • ASEI Insurance already has a whistleblowing system that is implemented and monitoring and the follow -up is carried out by the Monitoring Committee for Enforcement of Application of Behavior Guidelines (KP5) and SPI.
    • Conduct a meeting between the Board of Commissioners and the Directors and Corporate Secretary at least once a month.
    • Pay consistently annual dividends to shareholders in accordance with the provisions of Shareholders.
    • Conducting mutations, promotion and transfer of employees’ tasks refer to “the right man in the right place and the right time” both in the head office and branches to obtain optimal effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Continuous adjustment to clear and transparent standard operating procedures, both for the fields of operations, supporting and human resources.
    • Adjusting the calculation of the minimum solvency level limit for the company in accordance with applicable provisions.
    • Provision of rewards/bonuses to employees in accordance with the quantity and quality of their respective contributions to the company as reflected in the achievement of Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
    • Implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in the form of partnership programs in the form of assistance to fostered partners and environmental development programs in the form of assistance from victims of natural disasters, educational assistance, assistance in the construction of places of worship and assistance of orphans and blood donors. Li>
    • Striving for management of service quality that meets international standards (ISO) by implementing a quality management system with the version used is ISO 9001: 2008 which includes Quality Management System, Management Responsibility, Resource Management, Product Realization, Measurements, Analysis and Improvement. < /Li>

    This certification coverage is applied to export insurance, credit insurance, custom bonds and general insurance.

  • In accordance with the procedure of ISO 9001: 2015 Deputy Management Representatives Customer Satisfaction Survey (SKP) is conducted at least once in 2 (two) years. The last SKP was held in 2013 the results of which were discussed separately in the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • ASEI Insurance has registered in a clean and committed BUMN in realizing companies that are free from KKN, Fraud and Gratuities.