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13 March 2020

Characteristic Customer and Business Trust

The development of the Sharia Insurance Industry is currently stagnant, especially for general sharia insurance. but instead some sharia general insurance produces brilliant performance with minimal and efficient resources. Sharia Unit of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia (Asei Syariah) shows increased trust from business and community sources in managing sharia general insurance protection. This is reflected in financial performance in 2019.

Based on the 2019 financial report (Unaudited), Asei Sharia has received a premium contribution of Rp 20.5 billion with a profit of Rp 6.3 billion in corporate funds and a tabarru fund underwriting surplus of Rp 3.2 billion. This is inseparable from a number of strategies that have been implemented by the company, before entering into the description of the strategy it should be noted that Asei Sharia is a subsidiary of BUMN Indonesia Re (Persero) which began operating in 2012. Currently Asei Sharia has 16 branch offices that have spread in Indonesia. Distribution channels are used the most through bancassurance, insurance brokers, direct retail and corporations. The retail superior products are GriyAsei (sharia fire insurance for buildings), AutoSei (sharia four-wheeled vehicle insurance), MotoSei (two-wheeled vehicle insurance) and PesonAsei (sharia personal accident insurance) while the corporate flagship product is PAR (asset / asset insurance) sharia), CAR / EAR (sharia development / installation project insurance) and CIS / CIT (sharia deposit / deposit insurance)

There are two strategies that have been used and will continue as a strategic step in 2020 including the first, focusing on customers in providing services quickly and becoming a solution to the problems faced by customers in managing personal and institutional risk. As long as it operates, Asei Sharia always maintains its commitment to issue Cover Notes, Insurance Policies and payment of claims so that on this basis the trust arises.

Second is a return to the Islamic insurance khittah which presents the authenticity of sharia insurance in avoiding the elements of maisir (gambling), gharar (uncertainty), usury (interest) and the pattern of risk marketing (bribes) in each of its operations. Asei Syariah is always monitored closely and periodically by the DSN-MUI Sharia Supervisory Board chaired by Prof. Hasanudin MA, Asei Sharia is committed to presenting insurance services in accordance with shariah principles.

At least there are some other general characteristics of sharia insurance namely the existence of a fair, transparent and trustworthy contract and management. In addition, no less interesting is that Islamic insurance also has profit sharing if the manager experiences a surplus on the Tabarru funds report and the customer does not experience a claim until the end of the membership of Islamic insurance in accordance with the provisions applicable to the Islamic insurance policy.

The next strategy in 2020, Asei Sharia will carry out digitization of business processes mainly through Host to Host collaboration, application of Data Sharing for institutional business sources and applications for closure of Islamic insurance through the Android and iOS systems for retail / personal business sources. It is hoped that through this strategy it can support internal transformation and the industrial revolution 4.0.