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22 June 2020

From Asei to Communities Affected by Covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit almost all countries in the world has certainly had a negative impact on many people. Along with the increase in the number of people who are positively infected and the death rate continues to increase, many people hope that the Covid-19 pandemic can end soon. In just a short time, our country was messed up by Covid-19 from health, social and economic aspects. Many parties are disadvantaged because of the corona outbreak. Due to this situation, not a few institutions or individuals have held social actions, held various corona donation programs.
As a form of concern over the conditions of this pandemic, Asei made donations to people affected by Covid-19 which were channeled through the Bakti Pemuda Foundation, Urban Sakola and the Yasmin Foundation. Funds were distributed to several areas including Bogor, Cikarang and Bekasi Regencies. This donation activity is also Asei’s social responsibility or corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the community, especially those affected by Covid-19.
With this assistance, Asei hopes that the donations distributed are useful and can ease the burden on the people affected by Covid-19. Keep up the positive spirit and continue to work hand in hand against Covid-19.