Handover of Division Heads and Branch Office Heads

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Handover of Division Heads and Branch Office Heads

08 March 2018

Handover of Division Heads and Branch Office Heads

Jakarta – With some changes made to the company’s organizational structure and for the purpose of enhancing productivity and optimizing duties and functions of the employees in each working unit so as to increase the achievement of company’s targets and goals, it is deemed necessary to make an employee placement within the company organizational structure. Fore this reason, it is necessary to place certain employees in the organizational structure of Asuransi Asei.

With respect to the aforesaid, there are several employees who are re-assigned, including Division Heads and Branch Office Heads. The handover of office is carried out in the frame of handing duties of the former officials to the new officials so that the work can be performed properly. This handover of office took place at the Meeting Room of Asuransi Asei Head Office on 8 March 2017, attended by all Directors and both incumbent and replacement of Division Heads as wll as Branch Office Heads.

Composition of Asuransi Asei Officials is currently changed to be as follows:

Division Heads

  • Head of Information Technology Division: Mr Seskohadi Adhie Kusumo
  • Head of Claim Division Mr Agus Iman Perkasa
  • Head of Invoicing Division: Mr Agung Budi Setiawan

 Branch Office Heads

  • Jakarta Main Branch: Mr Edi Apriansah
  • Jakarta 3 Branch: Mr Deddy Ariesanto
  • Jakarta 4 Branch: Mr Herbowo Sampurno
  • Bandung Branch: Mr Rudi Barkah
  • Surabaya Branch: Ms Merry Christiowati
  • Makassar Branch: Mr M Syafrudin Abdullah
  • Medan Branch: Mr Adi Wibowo
  • Samarinda Branch: Mr Hendrie Susika M
  • Yogyakarta Branch: Mr Hari Chandra S