InovAsei 2020 – New Normal New Expectation

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09 October 2020

InovAsei 2020 – New Normal New Expectation

In the midst of the current challenges of competition in the insurance business, PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia (Asuransi Asei) in the future is expected to be able to win business competition by showing that its business performance continues to increase. One of the efforts to improve performance is by making continuous innovation. One of the strategies used in facing these challenges is to innovate. The innovation carried out by Asuransi Asei is more emphasized on continuous improvement or the creation of new ideas to answer growing customer needs and increasingly fierce global competition. Therefore, the importance of this culture of innovation is grown in Asei Insurance.
Innovation is widely recognized as having a positive influence on the effectiveness and long-term survival of organizations (Janssen, 2000). Innovation itself according to West and Farr (1998) is the introduction and application of new ideas, processes, products or procedures that are deliberately carried out in an individual, team, or organizational job and are relevant for adoption in work units and are designed to generate benefits in individual performance. team, organization, or community. Furthermore, this new concept in the introduction and implementation of ideas, products and procedures does not have to be anything completely new, only that its adoption is relatively recent. Every individual in the organization has an important role in generating, promoting, discussing, modifying, and ultimately realizing innovative ideas. Therefore, one way for organizations to be more innovative is to encourage employees to innovate. On this basis Asei Insurance formed Innovasei.

Inovasei 2020 activities started from the collection of ideas, from 14 August 2020 to 14 September 2020. The total number of ideas collected reached 108 ideas, both new ideas and implemented ideas.
The innovation assessment stage consists of 4 stages, namely administrative selection, Committee Test, Expertise Test and Board of Directors Test. Of the 108 ideas collected, there were 60 ideas that successfully passed the administrative stage. The InovAsei Committee did a deepening of the material by paying attention to the substance aspects of the idea. The assessment parameters consist of 7 aspects, namely Originality, Application, Impact, Cost, Development Potential and Automation & Digitalization.
After administrative selection, 30 ideas passed the Committee Test and 15 ideas passed the Expertise Test. Participants who pass the Expertise Test have the right to proceed to the next stage, namely the Final Test (Board of Directors Test).
InovAsei winners will be included in a competition between the IndonesiaRe Group. On the other hand, for InovAsei participants who have not won the InovAsei 2020, the ideas will still be accommodated in the Asei Idea Bank which will be evaluated by the InovAsei Committee for implementation. If it is effective and efficient for the company, why not?