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Retirement Ceremony

19 March 2018

Retirement Ceremony

Jakarta – The ceremony of early retirement is marked by the issuance of Board of Directors’ Decree handed symbolically to the retired employees by Acting President Director Asuransi Asei, Riduan Simanjuntak. This event is also witnessed by Board of Directors and employees at the Head Office.

Taking place at Menara Kadin Indonesia 22nd Floor on 19 March 2018, a number of employees with more than 10 years of service is released through this early retirement program. Riduan Simanjuntak revealed in his welcoming remark that all employees will eventually arrive at their time to retire. He highly appreciated all employees for their hard work during their service with this company. He believed that the militancy level of Asuransi Asei’s retired employees will be getting higher and it has been proven.

“We thank for the appreciation given by the Management of Asuransi Asei and we apologize for any wrongdoing that we had in the past. We do hope that this relationship will remain intertwined in another opportunity.” Ihwan, one of the retired employees of Main Branch Office, conveyed.

This event ended by praying and followed by extending appreciation to the retirees by their fellow Asuransi Asei employees.