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Fund Management Transparency

12 August 2023

Fund Management Transparency

  1. Surplus Underwriting

    If there is an Underwriting Surplus, Participants agree to allocate the Underwriting Surplus as follows:

    • 50% for the Tabarru Fund Collection’.
    • 20 % for Participants who meet the criteria.
    • 30 % for Company as operator.
  2. Underwriting surplus will be distributed

    Underwriting surplus will be distributed to Participants no later than 90 calendar days after the calculation is completed.

  3. Sharing of Surplus Underwriting results

    The distribution of the Underwriting Surplus results is only given to Participants who meet the following conditions:

    • Participants have never submitted a claim in the year underwriting surplus/deficit calculation.
    • Not currently filing a claim on the date of calculation of the underwriting surplus/deficit.
  4. The amount of Underwriting Surplus is distributed to each Participant

    If the amount of the Underwriting Surplus to be distributed to each Participant is less than IDR 50,000, – then the Underwriting Surplus will be included in the Tabarru Fund pool.