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17 October 2023

Export Guide

Here are the general information for candidate exporters to conduct export activities abroad. The information will be divided into sub-topics as follows: Export basic procedure, Export Financing, Export Readiness Assessment, Free, Trade Agreement, HS Code Search and Useful Contact

Export Service Directory

Export activity requires collaboration with many institutions. DGNED provide information about important institutions that needs to be contacted by the exporters.
Find out here.

Export Financing

General discussion about export financing process and export financing sources as well as some tips for getting financial assistance to perform in export activities.

Export Basic Procedure

Export is an activity of shipping goods from the Indonesian custom area to the custom area of other countries. Usually, export process starts from an offer of a party followed by the agreement from another party in a sales contract process, which in this case, are the Exporter and Importer. Payment process for the shipping uses letter of Credit (L/C) or non L/C; each method has its risk and advantage.

Free Trade Agreement

Acceleration of globalization in each country to create the World Trade Organization (WTO) becomes very important. Free Trade Agreement is capable of supporting producers and exporters to face the condition. FTA will be able to help improve the efficiency of export value for the manufacturer and exporters.

HS Code

International transactions is now much easier to use the Harmony System Code, or another name is the HS Code. HS Code applies globally. The use of HS codes can facilitate the suppliers if they want to have international cooperation.