Sharia Engineering Insurance

Sharia Engineering Insurance

Insurance for damages caused by third-party material damage during the building period

Engineering insurance is one of the types of insurance that provides liability for the risk of loss or damage to the covered object (typically related to construction, materials, equipment, or machinery) during the construction or installation of the machine against any risk of unexpected loss or damages; is sudden, and is an accident.

Extension of liability may be granted against the risks of loss or damage of property and physical accidents of Third Parties to the maximum value previously agreed. Engineering Insurance is divided into two major groups, namely: Engineering Project Insurance and Non-Project Engineering.

Type of coverage (policy) for Project Engineering:

  1. Contractor All Risk Insurance/CAR

    Give liability for the risk of loss and/or physical damage to the implementation of the construction.

  2. Erection All Risks Insurance/EAR

    Gives liability for the risk of loss and/or damage to the machinery at the time of installation or installation.

  3. Electronic Equipment Insurance/EEI

  4. Machinery Breakdown Insurance/MB

  5. Contractor’s Plant and Machinery/CPM